DIGI-B-CUBE Sectoral Workshops

The DIGI-B-CUBE project organised a series of four sectoral workshops in October and November 2019. The workshops were held in Badalona (Spain), Frankfurt (Germany), Linz (Austria) and Oslo (Norway). The objectives and topics of discussion of then workshops were exclusive to one another. However, the overall aim was to connect, educate and influence health IT leaders across academia, industry, clusters and policymakers. 

Badalona, Spain: The participants from the medical sector gained a common understanding of the general medical diagnostics value chain, its technological challenges and the capabilities of light-based technologies, with the final objective to tackle digitalisation challenges within the health sector. As a follow up of the workshop, the hospital sent out an internal communication to all participants from the medical sector in order to identify and collect innovation challenges, that were the focus of the cross-sectoral workshop, held on 4 December 2019.

Frankfurt, Germany: The main findings of these highly interactive and interesting discussions reflected that the most prevalent barrier is the lack of regulatory know how regarding certification of digital health services e.g. in respect to data safety, patient consent, data ownership, privacy etc. Also knowledge and experience regarding reimbursement strategies and requirement of payers such as health insurances is lacking. On the technological side, the participants voiced a strong interest in adopting artificial intelligence to their business models.

Linz, Austria: The main findings reflected that the challenges of medical diagnostics are manifold and above all, decisive for an improved and even more patient-oriented treatment. The digitalisation of quality assurance of patient data and diagnostic products, but also data acquisition, data storage and security are important topics that can be achieved by means of artificial intelligence, deep learning, automation and adaptation to regulations. Project DIGI-B-CUBE offers SMEs the opportunity to meet these challenges and solve them in international cooperation projects.

Oslo, Norway: Representatives from approximately 20 SMEs (from various sectors) and other organisations (including intermediaries) participated in the discussion about the challenges and needs of the medical diagnostics value-chain. Based on the feedback that the project team received from all sectoral workshops, the DIGI-B-CUBE open call is being defined for funding the SMEs.

It is relevant to mention that the project has now moved into the cross-sectoral workshops phase. Out of the two foreseen, the first one was held on December 4th in Badalona, Spain. The second cross-sectoral workshop is scheduled for January 22nd. It will be organised by the DIGI-B-CUBE partner INFOPOLE in Charleroi, Belgium. Interested SMEs can access this link to find out more and register for the upcoming workshop.

We would also like to bring your attention to the DIGI-B-CUBE Digital Transformation Services survey. This questionnaire aims to identify the most relevant digital transformation services to be implemented by the project partners in order to best meet your needs. Please click on the below banner for more information. 

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