[19/05] Deep Tech revolution in the Post-COVID stage

Event Organiser: Secpho
Date: 19-05-2020

The exceptional situation generated by COVID-19 has caused great concern about its negative impact on the health of individuals and companies. The confinement stage is marked by great interrogations that we are responding to as the weeks go by; however, the business world needs anticipation, vision and planning to succeed in the face of so much uncertainty.

There are many challenges that companies and workers are going to have to face once we can get out of the confinement. How can we preserve our health facing the return to social mobility? What measures can we take to strengthen health and safety issues? How can we digitize the company to have all the information on facilities and processes in real time? Do we give more importance than before to connected solutions at home? Will telemedicine and online educational resources be promoted? Are our infrastructures prepared to support the interconnection of data and digitalization of processes on a larger scale? How can we gain in security without losing in freedom? Companies of advanced technology or deep tech help us to solve many of these questions and provide us with the necessary resources to adapt to this new normality through this free webinar.

The webinar will be in English and will target the following groups:

  • Technicians and Innovation Managers of companies in areas such as Telecommunications, Defence and Aerospace, Automotive, Railway, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Agro-food, etc.
  • Researchers from R+D centres and from expert companies in photonic technologies and other Deep Tech.


12:00Presentation and introduction to the webinar
 Gawel Walczak | secpho
12:05Presentation of post-covid stage technologies by Álava Ingenieros
Irene Torija, Product Manager | Instrumentation and Calibration
Marta Bravo, Internal Sales Engineer | Photonics, Image and Nanotechnology
Héctor Cordal, Product Manager | Photonics and Image, Technology Area
12:30Optical 3D sensors for man-machine interface
David Castrillo |  Hamamatsu Photonics
12:45IR Thermography for the detection of Elevated Body Temperature Technical and legal aspects
Víctor Blanco | BCB Informática y Control
13:05Excimer UV-C lamps and fiber lasers for surface disinfection and functionalization
Sara Calomarde |  AMS Technologies
María Benítez | Robotnik
14:00End of the webinar



Link for registration: http://www.secpho.org/en/actoagenda/deep-tech-revolution-in-the-post-covid-stage/

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