Webinar on new solutions for clinical research, diagnostics and treatment concluded

Digitization is an important process driver in the field of medicine and aims to optimize products and processes with regard to patient-specific diagnosis and treatment. Clinical research forms a basic component in this process, which can be realized in the context of spin-offs to a market-relevant innovation solution and thus improve the value chain of medical diagnostics. In the DIGI-B-CUBE webinar, the project partners Business Upper Austria and secpho joined forces with other European clusters in order to promote the most innovative processes and products in clinical research, diagnosis, treatment of European SMEs and provide matchmaking opportunities for companies which want to increase their competitiveness by working on collaborative projects.

Topics of the presentations included diagnostic systems for Covid-19, AI-assisted diagnosis of heart and lung diseases, and the precise diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases and skin anomalies. Furthermore, an insight into user requirements and supporting evaluation systems, as well as other fields of application were given.

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