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Ambassadors Network

About the network

The DIGI-B-CUBE project is setting up an Ambassadors Network involving organisations from the EU, working or delivering services within the thematic framework of the project. The network aims to strengthen the international cooperation within the scope of DIGI-B-CUBE project. The Ambassador organisations are key intermediaries from various EU countries/regions and will support SMEs to benefit from the project schemes and services, and in turn supporting the DIGI-B-CUBE project in extending its outreach and impacts. If you are interested in becoming part of our diverse ambassadors network please send us an e-mail to


Raise awareness about the project and its activities, including open calls, and stimulate the involvement of relevant stakeholders in the project activities and objectives

Lead the dissemination and exploitation of project results, with a special focus on the results emerging from the open collaboration spaces and calls to drive European-wide awareness and interest in new industrial value chains created through the project

Ensure that the results of the project are exploited and have a lasting impact in Europe and empower stakeholders to take up the project results.


Romania |

North-East Regional Development Agency is a non-governmental body of public interest, set up in 1999 based on the national Law for regional development, that develops strategies, attracts resources, identifies and implements financing programmes and offers services for stimulating sustainable economic development, partnerships and entrepreneurial spirit. We are founders of Rubik Hub – the largest community in the North-East Region dedicated to startups and entrepreneurship and IMAGO-MOL Cluster, dedicated to medical imaging and digital health. North East RDA is member of Enterprise Europe Network, ERRIN – European Regions Research and Innovation Network, S3 Platform for Personalized Medicine.

Norway |

Aleap, the largest non-profit health incubator in the Scandinavia, offers a community for health startups. Our mission is to facilitate innovation and value creation by developing an ecosystem for health startups that allows ambitious entrepreneurs and companies to develop innovative products faster and contribute to the rapid growth of the Norwegian healthcare sector. We do this, not by taking equity, but rather by offering a broad range of critical know-how, expertise, flexible infrastructure and international business networks.

Arahealth is the Health Cluster of the Spanish region of Aragón. It comprises around 40 bodies from the health sector: manufacturers, distributors, service providers and training and research centers who bring an innovative portfolio of added value products and services to their customers within the health sector. It operates in four spheres: biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, provision of social welfare services, medical products and equipment, and sanitary equipment.

Austria | – the Austrian Node of the pan-European Biobanking Research Infrastructure BBMRI-ERIC – is a consortium of 8 Austrian universities and their biobanks (i.e. Med Uni Graz, Vienna, Innsbruck, medical faculty of Johannes Kepler Uni, Paracelsus Med Uni, Vet Med Uni, Alpen Adria Uni Klagenfurt and University of Vienna). brings together the main players from the biobanking field – researchers, biobankers, industry, and patients – to boost biomedical research. Main goals of are to develop and harmonize the Austrian national biobanking research infrastructure, to facilitate access and foster the use of biological samples and data for academic and industrial research.

Germany |

BioLAGO is the health network in the four-country-region of Lake Constance (Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein). It unites more than 120 members in the health industry. BioLAGO represents the high-tech sectors diagnostics, drugs, devices and data. BioLAGO links industry and science for innovation. Through conferences, trainings, communication services and consulting, e.g. for start-ups, BioLAGO actively promotes knowledge transfer and the establishment of new companies.

Austria |

BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (BNN) is an Austrian company that supports and guides towards a sustainable development of connected technologies. BNN is your key partner for (i) design in technology development (Safe-by-Design, Quality-by-Design, Sustainability-by-Design), (ii) innovation management, and (iii) alliances & clustering. BNN complements these services with many years experience in project management, and increases your visibility by targeted communication activities.

Core Competences:

  • design in technology development (Safe-by-Design, Quality-by-Design, Sustainability-by-Design),
  • innovation management,
  • alliances & clustering
  • project management and targeted communication activities

Switzerland |

Biopôle Lausanne is a life sciences campus based in Lausanne, Switzerland, bringing together a strong community of industry and academia. It offers a world-class combination of infrastructure, added value services, a dense network and unparalleled community engagement where our members can thrive and bring science to life. Today, Biopôle houses more than 100 companies and organizations, 25 world-famous research groups, a life science incubator (StartLab) and a Digital Health Hub (DH2), enabling outstanding innovation for the betterment of healthcare.

Germany |

BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg comes under the auspices of the Baden-Württemberg government and is specifically focused on the following themes: bioeconomy, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry and medical technology (healthcare industry).

  • We work in partnership with science, the economic sector and business and science networks.
  • We contribute to cross-sectoral cooperation across the entire value creation chain and hence to innovation.
  • We offer support for technology transfer and start-up projects.
  • We provide you with comprehensive information.

As a central point of contact for issues relating to the healthcare industry and the bioeconomy, we represent Baden-Württemberg on both the national and international level.

Germany |

BioRN is the science and industry cluster of the Rhine-Main-Neckar region around Heidelberg, one of Germany’s strongest biotech hubs. It is a non-profit network fostering health innovations and serving its members by creating a rich translational ecosystem as well as promoting, representing and connecting the regional innovation stakeholders. Our vision is to develop the region into a world-leading life science cluster attracting international investments and top global talent. BioRN has more than 100 institutional members, including the top academic and research institutions, 7 global pharmaceutical companies, a large range of small and medium-sized enterprises bolstering the life science ecosystem as well as local government organizations and interest groups.

Ireland |

The new government-funded  CHW Cluster will encourage and facilitate increased collaboration between industry (indigenous and FDI), academia, healthcare providers, and enterprise support agencies.

It is based at Dundalk Institute of Technology who have a specialist ‘ICT, Health, and Ageing’ Research Centre,  and a Digital Health Innovation Hub, .

France |

Genopole is the oldest French biocluster. Dedicated to research and business creation in genomics and biotechnologies as applied to healthcare, environment and bio-economy. It unites innovative high-tech life sciences companies, hospital, public and private research and higher education facilities at a single site, in the south of Paris. This fertile ecosystem provides a broad range of services for accelerating BioTech & MedTech start-ups; for attracting biotech-SMEs and international companies; for strengthening R&D and attracting talents and for answering to real estate needs.

At the interface of business, science and clinics, the HealthCapital cluster management drives networking and the technology transfer in the German capital region. The German capital region is one of the world’s leading locations for the healthcare industry, healthcare, and the life sciences. Leading global companies, renowned scientists, first-class hospitals, innovative start-ups, and specialists from all over the world work together in Berlin-Brandenburg each day to deliver the very best goods and services for the regional and global healthcare markets.

The Netherlands |

Health Valley Netherlands is the largest Life Sciences & Health innovation network in the Netherlands. The network unites SME’s, care&cure, education and authorities, and enables them to grow stronger together. We bring technology to the care sector, together. Real innovative power develops where the needs of the care sector are integrated into relevant knowledge and expertise, resulting in technological innovations, new medicines or devices, and other methods of working. Through a combination of innovative, market and entrepreneurial strength, our partners give an unmistakable boost to the care sector and encourage economic growth.

Greece |

Hellenic Biocluster (HBio) currently connects more than 50 health and biotech innovation partners in Greece. HBio’s aim is to form, develop and foster a strong Life Sciences & Health network between the industry, the academia and the government, in order to support innovative and impact science.

The HBio strategy is guided by 3 strategic pillars:

  1. Collaborative Networks: collaborating to integrate generated knowledge thus, creating a stronger, innovation ecosystem and enhancing Greece’s innovation performance
  2. Science Excellence: fostering breakthrough technology and knowledge and supporting sector growth
  3. Global engagement: deliver connectivity to the global science, technology and innovation frontier as well as accessing new markets for Greek innovation.

Romania |

IMAGO-MOL, the only medical imaging cluster in Romania and European Union is a non-governmental organization whose objectives are to support the growth of scientific and  economic competitiveness of its members in North East Region  The focus areas are medical imaging and connected fields mainly oriented towards digital health. Established in 2012, Imago-Mol Cluster gathers under its umbrella a number of 35 members: universities, R&D institutes, healthcare, ICT and tech SMEs,  public and private hospitals, promoters of regional development.   

France |

Medicen Paris Region is the life science cluster located in Paris. We are a non-for-profit member organization with more than 475 members (industries, academics, laboratories, SMEs) covering all the value chain (Biotech, Med-tech, Digital-Health). Since 2005, our mission is to connect expertise, to foster collaboration in bringing together public and private entities involved in healthcare innovation in the Paris Region. Involved in several European projects, we have a large connection with the European ecosystem and opportunities for innovation activities.

Denmark / Sweden |

Medicon Valley Alliance (MVA) is a non-profit membership organization in the Danish-Swedish life science cluster Medicon Valley, which is a part of Greater Copenhagen. Its +250 members represent the region’s triple helix and include universities, hospitals, human life science business, regional governments and service providers. MVA creates value for its members by co-hosting, launching and driving meetings, networks, seminars, conferences and projects, in order to strengthen the collaboration, networking and knowledge-sharing in the region’s life science community, create critical mass, and help realise the full potential of Medicon Valley.

Germany |

Medways e. V. is an industry association for the medical technology & biotechnology sectors. Our members are globally active SMEs, large enterprises, research institutes and universities. We offer services for the acquisition, implementation and accounting of collaborative research projects. Medways advises on regulatory issues for the development, implementation and marketing of medical devices, regulatory requirements concerning MDR & FDA, and QMS according to DIN EN ISO 13485. We also offer professional education and training for SMEs and research institutions.

Norway Health Tech has a vision of making Norway the world’s best arena for health innovation. We are a non-for-profit member organization with more than 270 members – representing the full value chain of healthcare. We address all areas of human health – with an eye for technology. Our mission is to improve quality in treatment and care by developing and industrializing world class health solutions through our members and eco-system. We will provide better healthcare solutions for all, through dissemination of innovative solutions that answer to unmet medical needs, cross-sector cooperation, and ensure that our members have the best contacts and relationships of relevant stakeholders in the global ecosystem.

Norwegian Smart Care Cluster (NSCC) is a cluster with more than 140 companies and 50 municipalities/government institutions as participants. The cluster has its origins in the Stavanger region, but our members are now from all over Norway and internationally.  We work with Smart Care – digital healthcare solutions for the interplay between user-patient in their home and municipality / hospital.

Vision: Generating impact through Smart Care solutions.

Mission: We work to develop the Norwegian health industry by promoting sustainable solutions that provide a better life for users as well as cost-effective and quality-assured deliveries of health & care services.

Finland |

OuluHealth, internationally recognised health and well-being ecosystem, brings together social and healthcare providers, researchers, academia and health companies. Its main goals include boosting the health-tech business and accelerating implementation of innovations to deliver more advanced, personalised and connected health services for the benefit of the citizens.  The ecosystem supports health companies in growth and internationalization by increasing their visibility, exploring new business opportunities and providing a world-class innovation testing and development environment, OuluHealth Labs, for boosting the health and life science business.

Norway |

The purpose of The Life Science Cluster is to create more jobs, value creation and export industry within the life science industries, with focus on sustainability. The Life Science Cluster will do this by strengthening the interaction and knowledge sharing between and within industry, research, education, private and public sectors. The clusters’ members come from all the life science sectors – from healthcare, agriculture, aquaculture and general bioindustry – to tap into cross-sector synergies. Tomorrow’s solutions are created through extensive international collaboration. The Life Science Cluster will help establish an international position and visibility for the Norwegian life science-based industry.

TICBIOMED is a business association that promotes collaborative projects in digital health. It facilitates open-innovation agreements between different eHealth stakeholders. It links demand with supply, leveraging its extensive European network that includes SMEs, startups, healthcare organizations, pharma, medtech, big IT, investors, legal and regulatory experts, academia, support organizations and other stakeholders. TICBIOMED promote opportunities through delivering tailored services, participating in European projects and launching our own initiatives.