DIGI-B-CUBE funding for SMEs – Open Call results

The project announced the results of the Open Call applications. 43 SMEs will be funded.

The DIGI-B-CUBE consortium is glad to announce that the first round of voucher applications by SMEs was a full success. In total, 217 applications from a total of 470 SMEs were received until the first cut-off date (29th July 2020). Applications were received from SMEs based in 34 countries, including European Union member states and Horizon 2020 associated countries.

In line with the Open Call objectives, SMEs submitted 141 ideas for Customised Solution Innovation Voucher projects and 76 ideas for Prototyping Voucher projects. While the first ones foster cross-sectoral cooperation between SMEs to support joint development of a novel product or service based on an existing proven concept that addresses a digitalization challenge, the later aim at supporting the prototyping or conceptualising of a solution (e.g. with a proof of concept or feasibility study) for a digitalization challenge in the Medical Diagnostics and related value chains.

Detailed results corresponding to deadline 1 of the Open Call can be seen in the figure below.

The huge competition of good and excellent proposals required a strict selection of projects to be funded, based on the evaluation criteria defined in the voucher framework, involving both internal DIGI-B-CUBE reviewers as well as external experts.

In the next few months, 22 SMEs will be granted financial support to implement their Customised Solution Innovation Voucher projects with an overall budget of more than 1 Million Euros, ranging from topics like Sleep Apnea Test Device, to COVID-19 Monitoring, to in vitro cellular immunoassays, amongst other.

In addition, 21 SMEs with an overall budget of more than 400.000€ will be financially supported by the DIGI-B-CUBE project to implement their Prototyping Voucher projects.

The full list of projects approved (including the companies involved and the countries of origin) can be found here:

The project team thanks all applicants that contributed to this success story with their participation.

The next and final cut-off date for the submission of Customised Solution Innovation and Prototyping vouchers is 3rd February 2021.

🔗 More information on the call: https://digibcube.eu/open-calls

🔗 Submit proposals for the next deadline: https://digibcube.eu/collaborative-platform/   

About the project

DIGI-B-CUBE project, funded under the European Union´s Horizon 2020 Programme, aims to unlock the cross-sectoral collaborative potential of SMEs by combining novel Digital Technologies with the Bioimaging-Biosensing-Biobanking industries. The project will support development and delivery of new market sensitive disruptive technologies and key digital innovations to reconfigure patient-centred diagnostics towards a Health Economy 4.0.

The project offers direct financial support up to €60,000 per SME from relevant sectors including healthcare, medicine, biotech, biopharma, IT, robotics, automation, electronics, and nanotech. It supports digital innovations and solutions for the reconfiguration of the Medical Diagnostics and related value chains towards a Health Economy 4.0 with a special focus on Biobanking, Bioimaging, Biosensing and related industries.

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INFOPOLE on Tour webinar concluded

On the 4th of june, INFOPOLE organized with the support of WeLL a virtual meeting wih Neuro Psychiatric Center Saint-Martin. The Center welcomes and provides psychiatric care to people suffering from psychological difficulties. Depending on the pathologies, it offers short or long term treatments, in day hospitalization or stay.

On the concept of “INFOPOLE On Tour” visits, this meeting had 3 mains objectives:

  • Presentation of the challenges identified by the Neuro Psychiatric Center Saint-Martin
  • Exchanges around digital solutions and pitches of INFOPOLE members
  • Presentation of the DIGI-B-CUBE call for projects and funding avenues

The hospital has a clear approach on the strategic will and a transparency on the future challenges which allowed structured and rich exchanges in return of experience! The IT expertise of INFOPOLE members was completed by the participation of experts in ethics, GDPR and legislation. The innovative and transdisciplinary nature of the exchanges was particularly appreciated by the participants and suggests good prospects for collaboration.


The hospital has identified a 5-year master plan to boost digitalization based on:

  • Computerized patient record
  • Data network in the hospital
  • Géoloc RFID (stray patients, dead man detection, …)
  • Paperless, avoid double encoding
  • Secured emails
  • Early diagnosis of psychosis via Artificial Intelligence
  • Distance group therapy


  • Financing
  • Resistance to changes by caregivers
  • Conception of the profession (fear of becoming too administrative)

Thanks to its network, INFOPOLE connected the hospital with interdisciplinary IT experts. The hospital has already identified potential partners that it will contact as the digital plan evolves. Futhermore, two projects related to the early diagnosis of psychoses will certainly be submitted as part of the DIGI-B-CUBE project.

More information can be found at this link.

Webinar on new solutions for clinical research, diagnostics and treatment concluded

Digitization is an important process driver in the field of medicine and aims to optimize products and processes with regard to patient-specific diagnosis and treatment. Clinical research forms a basic component in this process, which can be realized in the context of spin-offs to a market-relevant innovation solution and thus improve the value chain of medical diagnostics. In the DIGI-B-CUBE webinar, the project partners Business Upper Austria and secpho joined forces with other European clusters in order to promote the most innovative processes and products in clinical research, diagnosis, treatment of European SMEs and provide matchmaking opportunities for companies which want to increase their competitiveness by working on collaborative projects.

Topics of the presentations included diagnostic systems for Covid-19, AI-assisted diagnosis of heart and lung diseases, and the precise diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases and skin anomalies. Furthermore, an insight into user requirements and supporting evaluation systems, as well as other fields of application were given.

Webinar on funding opportunities to support SMEs concluded

On the 28th of May, SPI with the support of partners Ci3 – Cluster for Individualized Immune Intervention, Secpho and Business Upper Austria, organised a webinar to promote and discuss funding opportunities for SMEs to support projects focusing on integrating digital innovations and disruptive technologies across the Medical Diagnostics and related value chains. Vouchers (Prototyping and Customised Solution Innovation Voucher) unveiled by the Open Call launched on 22nd April were introduced and explained as part of this webinar.

In addition, specific DIGI-B-CUBE project team members discussed examples of innovation challenges faced by SMEs (including new start-ups) operating in the health, medicine, biotech, biopharma, IT, or related sectors (robotics, automation, electronics, nanotech, etc.).

During this international event, close to 60 participants from 14 countries (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Estonia, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden and Turkey) had an opportunity to clarify their doubts in regard to DIGI-B-CUBE voucher-based funding scheme under EU regulations; SMEs eligibility; thus, application and evaluation processes.

🔗 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): https://digibcube.eu/faq/

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[28/05] Funding opportunities to support SMEs

DIGI-B-CUBE partner SPI is organising a webinar to promote and discuss funding opportunities for SMEs to support projects focusing on integrating digital innovations and disruptive technologies across the Medical Diagnostics and related value chains. Vouchers unveiled by….

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