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Antibiotic efficiency testing prototype software


Over 11% of sexually active women (< 65 yrs) suffer from a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) every year. Of those 16% revisit a General Practitioner (GP) due to incorrect initially antibiotic therapy. Presented with UTI symptoms, GPs are challenged with prescribing the correct antibiotic therapy. However, this task is very difficult because the current golden standard of urine culturing has a long result time of >2days, since the sample needs to be sent to a central (microbiology) lab. As such most patients diagnosed with a UTI in primary care receive same-day empirical antibiotics with little diversity in choice of agent. As a result, many patients are treated incorrectly, thus revisiting.


ShanX Medtech is developing a novel diagnostic device that can test the urine sample at the point of care and advise the correct antibiotic therapy to the GP within a workable timeframe of <4 hrs. With the decentralization of culture tests ShanX Medtech provides accurate, fast and personalized patient antibiotic care.


ShanX’s innovation features cartridges and an analyzer that analyzes the cartridges. In this project, the prototype software was build to analyze effectively the biochemical process performed within the cartridge which leads to the determination of antibiotic efficacy or inefficacy thereof. With this collaboration of ShanX Medtech and Newcircle Technologies within the scope of this project we ensured a functioning antibiotic efficiency testing device prototype to be utilized for further testing purposes.


This project brings the diagnostic device a step towards custom patient care and subsequently reduce antibiotic resistance by eliminating unnecessary antibiotic administration.


Newcircle Tchnologies