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DiCART Automatic medical device for measuring tissue perfusion patients in critical condition (sepsis hemorrhage)


The visual measurement of tissue perfusion is a routine hospital diagnosis for patients in emergency department in acute circulatory failure but is imprecise and not reproducible. 40,000 deaths per year in France are due to septic shocks. The program of our proposal is now to make reliable the device by testing on a representative test bench before industrialisation. The launch to market is on 2022


Dicartech has developed a simple tool for performing precise and reproducible measurements of tissue perfusion by capillary refill time. The device makes CRT measurement available to all clinicians for streamlined detection and monitoring. It concerns 12 millions par year in Europe.


Embedding the software into the electronic medical device and tests of reliability, accuracy, usability for complete safety for medical users into demanding conditions. All requirements are needed for certification


Access to a powerful test bench oriented testing, resistance, validation and security. DigiBcube accelerate the preindustrialisation and conformity demonstration of DiCART device