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Digital Human Sample Fingerprint

Laboratory tests are the key pillar of modern medicine. Globally ~18,4 bn. human blood samples are analysed annually. The COVID-19 outbreak and new blood-based antibody testing demonstrates that innovative medical decision making focusses on lab-data from human blood samples. Yet, ~70 % of all errors in diagnostics still occur in preanalytics – the phase from test ordering until sample arrival in the lab. Any deviation here can result in misdiagnosis, delayed/wrong patient treatment or additional investigations.

Smart4Diagnostics (S4DX) has developed the worlds first “Digital Human Sample Fingerprint”, an award-winning innovative digital solution to monitor the quality of human blood samples in preanalytics in real-time to reduce errors, improve sample and testing quality and avoid unnecessary patient re-visits. The highly innovative “allgäuLab”, a leading lab in southwest Germany wants to prototype this digital health solution in real-world. Together both participants will install the S4DX-System in at least four different collection sites and prototype it together for eight weeks, monitoring +5.000 human blood samples.
After this prototyping phase, the allgäuLab will be able to assess a new quality level in preanalytics and be able to prepare digitally for a possible volume increase in case of a “second COVID-19 wave.