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Holistic digital CARDIOvascular diseases proGNOSIS at the point-of-need (CARDIOGNOSIS)


There are several POC systems commercially available for CRP determination, e.g. for use in ICUs, EDs, oncology, primary care and pediatric units. In addition, there are some desktop tools, that can perform and CRP and D-dimer tests using dedicated test cartridges in single analyte format increasing the analysis cost and total analysis time. A system for the fast, accurate and simultaneous determination of CRP and D-dimer at the Point-of Need with low cost is not available.


In CARDIOGNOSIS project, the use of a radical bioanalytical concept, White Light Reflectance Spectroscopy, and the related bioanalytical system (FR-Bio) were further progressed towards the simultaneous determination of CRP and D-dimer biomarkers at the Point-on Need (EDs, ICUs, etc) with minimal sample preparation and in short time. The fast results will provide extremely useful data to medical doctors for timely & safe prognosis of CVD with profound effect on patients’ lives and healthcare system.


In CARDIOGNOSIS project, the bioanalytical system (FR-Bio) was further improved in terms of automation and a user friendly software was developed towards the simultaneous determination of CRP and D-dimer in <20min. The use of FR-Bio system was demonstrated at real settings, bioanalytical laboratory, in real patient samples and deliver results with very good accuracy against standard analytical methods for those two clinical biomarkers (TRL-6).


The global CRP testing market was ~USD 1.7 Bn(2019) and the global D-dimer testing market was ~USD 2.0 Bn for the same year. The surge in incidences of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism incidents boost the demand of D-dimer testing all over the world. The system that was developed within CARDIOGNOSIS project, could pioneer the POC diagnostics by being the first solution for prognosis of cardiovascular diseases through simultaneous POC measurement of CRP and D-dimer levels in a single run, which guarantees fast adaptation by the global medical community and significant growth and profit for the company that introduces the particular test into the market.


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