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Hospital Epidemic Alert & Traceability System

In 2020, the activity in the sanitary system (public and private) took place in over 60 thousand sanitary units, according to the data of the National Institute of Statistics (INS).
The approximately 570 hospitals that operated in 2020 had, as in 2019, 132 thousand beds for continuous hospitalisation and provided healthcare to 4.2 million inpatients. The average duration of hospitalisation was 7.4 days / patient hospitalised. Patients in the hospitals are being exposed to at least 10 million visits per year that are nothing but a huge epidemic break.
EPITRACE is a hospital visitor’s management system that aims to better inform visitors regarding epidemic risks, trace their activity inside location and limit the exposure to the patients for a predetermined period of time.
First objective of EPITRACE is to offer better protection for hospitalised patients against contagious diseases. All the patients are being informed on the specific requirements and limitations of visiting procedures by a flyer from the reception and a SMS that all the visitors are receiving at every visit.
The entire database of patient-visitor exposure will be saved for future references and will be archived available for one year in the hospital databases.