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Low Cost Home Sleep Apnea Test Device


80% of people (749 million) suffering from sleep apnea remain undiagnosed due to lack of affordable, convenient and scalable screening solutions, having serious medical consequences and being an economic burden on individuals and public infrastructure. The challenge is to offer a device through pharmacies in order to detect fast and at low cost sleep apnea syndorm. Furthermore, the detection results is given in one night using a corset embedding real time algorithm able to score the type and the severity of the apnea.


The device is using different sensors to measure independently two respirations (thorax and diaphragm), the hartbeat, the electrocardiogram (ECG), the oxygen saturation and the body posture through a 3D accelerometer. The overnight measurements are then correlated and computed in real time to release the type and severity level of sleep apnea that are summarized as the Apnea-Hypopnea-Index (AHI). The device is fully compliant with the AASM (worldwide reference for sleep disorders). In order to detect automatically a sleep apnea event, Netsensing Technology and Pixelabs are developing a specific algorithm for the HSATPro device which consist in a patented AI-based software.


At this point of the project, the work packages WP1. Hardware Optimisation and WP2. Software Development have been successfully completed, and the next WPs are ongoing (WP3. AI Framework; WP4. Automatic Report Development; WP5. Validation). The project is progressing as planned and no delays are expected at this point. The good communication between the two partners of the consortium is excellent. The very pro-active way to work is a plus as the issues are quickly solved thanks to a good technical interaction. The project costs are within the estimated budget and there is no foreseen issue preventing the project to end up on time and reaching the expected results.


HSATPro will provide a high-accuracy and confortable patented AI-based device, which is easy to use and minimises the chance of user-error, thereby reducing overall healthcare costs, resource consumption and waiting period for patients. HSATPro will allow to diagnose quickly a potential sleep apnea or sleep disorder, it will save lives and will accelerate patients access to a treatment. Our differentiated distribution model makes HSATPro easily available through pharmacies, apart from the standard channels such as hospitals and clinics. Rental at pharmacies will enable accurate diagnosis at very low cost (€50/ study).


Netsensing Technology Sàrl


Pixelabs SL