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Melanoma Diagnostic Device Integration and Cordless Connection


IMcoMET is developing a wearable microfluidic skin patch with microneedles to extract biomarkers from the
source, namely interstitial fluid in and around melanoma tumors. This allows non-invasive extraction
of a higher concentration of tumor-specific exosomes and facilitates biomarker identification. In this project
IMcoMET aimed to manufacture an early in vitro prototype of an integrated and cordless device that
allows non-invasive extraction of biomarkers from (skin) interstitial fluid in and around melanoma tumors.


IMcoMET has developed a modular, integrated, wireless, and standardized in vitro prototype that is
able to function in the incubator for at least 6 days. The prototype can be used on in vitro models – such as
collagen embedded cells and melanoma tumoroids, and in vitro reconstructed melanoma skin models – to
extract and collect interstitial fluid samples for (melanoma) biomarker analysis.


The developed in vitro prototype consists of a standardized and integrated system, which is
incubator proof (37°C, 95% relative humidity), can be controlled wirelessly, and has a user-friendly interface.
DIGIBCUBE Template: Publishable project summary (July 2021) Explain main impacts of your project The developed prototype allows IMcoMET to generate in vitro proof of concept data to demonstrate that IMcoMET’s wearable skin patch can be used to extract melanoma biomarkers around a skin tumor. De Ronde Engineering, the IT partner in this project, gained knowledge and experience in developing custom hardware devices with web Bluetooth in the React framework to make progressive web apps (PWAs).




Deronde Engineering