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Probing the Realtime Biosensing Potential of Immune Boosting Wellness Therapies towards better Quality of Life for Patients


Several research studies and clinical trials on wellness therapies (e.g. strength training, massage) in the past two decades made evident the health benefits such as boosting the immune systems, reducing stress and anxiety. People who undergo wellness treatments can experience measurable changes in their immune and endocrine response, flush toxins, increases blood flow throughout the body and increases the activity of white blood cells that help our body fight diseases and may help with reduction of cortisol. Through this voucher project we aim to prototype a software/mobile health app architecture and establish the processes for empowering the patients to take charge of their own health and wellbeing through and further improve the awareness raising among the clinicians for the integration of wellness therapies in the CDS systems.


YourTherapy ecosystem consists of a set of cross-platform applications used by cancer patients, manual and wellness therapists and medical experts aiming to:

  •  Continuous monitor of immune cells (NK, T and B cells and cortisol)
  • Provide measurable conclusions regarding the effects of manual therapies to patients. through Visual Analog Scales
  • Monitor patients’ subjective perception about their progress and feelings
  • Provide communication between the users
  • Differentiate role-based access to specific medical data and related actions


Within the prototype voucher, we managed to design and build YourTherapy ecosystem by defining the functional and non-functional user requirements as well as a variety of use cases and scenarios that can be applied. On the development side, we achieved the development of a cross-platform mobile application from scratch focusing on patients. Moreover, we developed the web applications for manual therapists and medical experts providing continuous communication between YourTherapy ecosystem modules through REST API regarding calendar events, messages, medical questionnaires,  monitoring immune system variables and more. 


YourTherapy provides an interactive tool for medical experts and manual therapists in order to: a) monitor their patients progress, b) manage patients’ visits and further calendar events, c) keep medical history and d) communicate with their patients.

Furthermore, YourTherapy offers a mobile application for cancer patients aiming to a) provide them the necessary information about their progress of their care plan using advanced visualization techniques and b) continuous interaction with their physician and manual therapist regarding visits, questionnaires and communication.


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