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Proof-of-concept of the Health Sentinel for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) patients


Current diagnostic methods for IBD lack technologies for automated testing and interpretation of results. It requires advanced medical equipment and labour-intensive work to assess patients’ health status. With this project, the partners take on the challenge to develop Health Sentinel: a unique solution allowing IBD patients to perform self-tests. By marrying microfluidics and AI they bring quantitative medical tests beyond the laboratories to patients’ homes. Papertronics’ patented technology based on colorimetry enables evaluation of CRP and mesalamine levels in urine and blood samples with minimal user input. AI will be used to develop colour recognition models to quantify results. The generated data will be shared with GPs in a secured cloud-database, and the device will give patients a clear advice on medication dosage or the need for contacting a doctor based on test results. Like glucose testing for diabetic patients, this solution greatly improves IBD patients’ quality of life.


We developed a portable assay for measuring the biomarker crucial for controlling the health status in IBD patients and prepared a prototype of the read-out device along with a software for operation and interpretation of the test. Therefore, proposed solution can be a stepping stone for self-testing for IBD patients at their homes, saving long time spend in hospital corridors.


  1.  Successful adaptation of biomarker test to a cartridge format.
  2.  Prototype of a readout device for the test performance and data interpretation.
  3. Software for data interpretation and result communication to a doctor (medical professional).


This project proven that health issues such as IBD have potential to be controlled remotely with a help of simple to use medical devices. Developed test due to its innovative format simplifies and integrates multiple different lab activities into passively automated assay that can be used by a patient and controlled by the simple read-out device.


Omnigen BV


SG Papertronics B.V.