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Sophion Thor – Analyzer in the Cloud


The project and the product outcome is highly dependent on the services available in Amazon Web Services chosen as the cloud provider. To cloud enable the datahandling of Sophion products, we have to integrate parts of existing Sophion software code with the possibilities and limitations that Amazon Web Services offer. More importantly this challenge must also align with the needs, procedures and regulations that the drug discovery users of the cloud solution will have.


We have set up two different Proof-of-concept implementations in the cloud, one for each of two Sophion products. This has been used to do various investigations, discussion, testing and modifications to existing code in order to achieve what we would like to offer to our users in the drug discovery discipline. This has been possible through close collaboration between both partners in the project as well as external input from existing Sophion users.


Proof-of-concept has been successfully completed for two Sophion instruments as was initially planned for. This setup exemplifies what the final product will look like and what value it offers for the end user.


Sophion Bioscience A/S


Miracle A/S