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Sparky for Air at home, helping young lung patients train and monitor from home


The challenges addressed during this project are threefold:

  1. The game has a unique target group of 4-12 years old. During the project, sparky is adjusted to keep this target audience engaged.
  2. Extra lung function measurements (LFT) have to build in the game.
  3. The game data has to be interpretable via an online dashboard, for doctors and physiotherapists.


  1. Relieving staff and specialists because of home monitoring, for a target group where this was first deemed impossible.
  2. Sparky will give trend data because of frequent use through gamified incentives. Previous research without gamification gave low adherence results.
  3. LFT is currently boring, time-consuming, and sometimes frightening for young children. Gaming is fun!
  4. Sparky lets children perform an LFT 2 years earlier than an average untrained child is currently capable of.
  5. Relieving parents/family of hospital visits.
  6. Better prediction of an exacerbation.
  7. No over-medication because of the better long-term data.
  8. Big data can lead to new insights in treatment.


There are over 300 million Asthma patients in the world of which 80% are children. Because they require a lot of care in multiple areas, diagnoses, monitoring, medication, and emergency care. Sparky improves & saves cost with subscription use, paid by health insurance via the current accepted treatment plans With earlier LFT:

  1. Earlier personalized medication. Saves a number of Doctor appointments, side effects, and faster treatment.
  2. Earlier diagnoses; trial and error is also the road to the diagnoses. If a LFT could be performed earlier, testing of medication effectiveness can be done.

With LFT measurements over time:

  1. Exacerbations can be classified, leads to faster treatments
  2. Inflammations could be predicted, leads to earlier treatment with time to test the bacteria for specific antibiotic treatments.

Certain exacerbations can be predicted, leads to fewer ER visits The generated anonymous big data generated from the game is part of our long-term strategy.


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