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Supervised machine learning approach for Flow cytometry antimicrobial susceptibility assay (FAST)

Sepsis requires immediate antibiotic prescription. To prescribe the right antibiotic, the physician needs an Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test (AST) to avoid empiric prescription, save lives and tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR) globally. This is critically important given a growing concern about infection by multiresistant microorganisms globally just severely worsened by COVID-19 pandemic.

FASTinov developed a rapid-AST, directly from the infected patient´s blood that delivers results in just 2h versus 2 days in standard methods. FASTinov is paving the way to launch this product on the EU market. It includes antimicrobial panels, a flow cytometric protocol and a dedicated software for data analysis (bioFAST). The two partners will now apply a supervised machine learning approach on raw data to automatically learn the importance of each feature of the observed labelled data to create bioFAST AI. This new classification model will in turn be applied to unseen experiments in a real clinical setting at Hospital Ramon et Cajal, Madrid, another FASTinov partner.

bioFAST AI aims to deliver the highest standards in AST diagnostics globally, improve FASTinov competitiveness and ultimately create unique value for both patients with sepsis and healthcare professionals deciding daily on antibiotic prescription.