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SURgical eNhanced Image Augmentation

i-Med Technology BV, Azilpix BV and CIN-ergy BV are partnering to introduce a game changing surgical loupe, providing the surgeon with enhanced stereoscopic vision, augmented with patient-specific real-time data, and two-way interaction for remote assistance and surgery training. The device will enhance the surgeon’s abilities, thus leading to more successful treatments. Through remote training, it will stimulate rapid adoption of new surgical techniques, leading to shorter patient recovery times, increased quality of life, and an overall reduction of health care costs.

The partners apply a triple-A approach: Architecture, Algorithms, Applications. CIN-ergy, a specialist in near-to-eye devices, are providing the hardware and firmware know-how; the hardware is powered by Studio.One software, which was developed by AZilPix for immersive broadcasting; i-Med, a medical device company connected to the Maastricht University Hospital, and closely works with surgeons in different European hospitals, takes the lead in bringing the most lightweight and accurate digital wearable surgical loupe that is currently available on the market.

The project will focus on 1) integration of the loupe in the digital operation room (OR), 2) improving surgical precision and efficiency by perceptually enhancing visual medical data through image stabilization and filtering, and 3) streamlining the surgeons user experience through intuitive interfacing and reducing set-up and configuration efforts.