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Digital Transformation Services

Digital transformation of EU SMEs and Start-Ups presents an enormous growth potential for Europe. The biggest digital opportunity for Europe lies in the transformation of existing industry and enterprises. Europe has a leading position in pharmaceuticals/Healthcare. It is thus essential to support their transformation for Europe to keep its leading position. Disruptive business models will generate new international market opportunities. 

Furthermore, SMEs making use of newly available digital technologies will be able to perform better than their peers. SMEs need to fully exploit these opportunities to become more competitive and a better place to invest and do business.

The objective of DIGI-B-CUBE Digital Transformation Services is to help SMEs prepare for their business transformation and take a leading place in modern digital economy through disruptive innovations. The services can be used to assess the current state of digitalization, and then further how to improve the current state. These services are developed as tools both free (new/modified services) and paid (existing services) DIGI-B-CUBE consortium to support SMEs on their learning journey on how to make use of the opportunities provided by digital transformation and how to actively deal with the risks involved. We have categorized DIGI-B-CUBE Digital Transformation Services into four types as shown below.

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Development and Integration of Digital Transformation Services with the Online Hub