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The DIGI-B-CUBE consortium announced the results of the second round of voucher applications for SMEs funding which closed on the 3rd of February 2021. The call attracted a total of 198 applications from an overall 450 unique SMEs. Applicants were based in 35 countries from the European Union member states and 7 associated countries and the UK. In total, almost 1 Million Euros was awarded to support both the Prototyping Voucher (PV) and Customised Solution Innovation Voucher (CSIV) projects. In parallel with the objectives of the call, the project ideas have targeted robust cross-sectoral collaboration between the SMEs and stressed a digitalization challenge to support the joint development of novel product or service within the medical diagnostic and related value chains.

The voucher project applications were highly competitive due to the visible need for funding among SMEs. To select the best SME idea, very rigorous criteria were defined in the voucher evaluation framework. The evaluation was carried out by members of the DIGI-B-CUBE consortium as well as external reviewers.

After the review of the voucher project applications, 19 SMEs were granted financial support to implement their innovation projects.

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Amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, a 1.5-hour virtual network event was organised by Business Upper Austria on 13 April 2021. This meeting was successful in gathering relevant stakeholders such as the National Contact Point for the European Innovation Council, life science representatives from Vienna and business agencies of all federal states.

Six Austrian researchers presented three projects: KMLVISION, and SYNYO. In their pitches, they demonstrated prototypes and talked about requirements for the next development steps. Afterwards, the agencies jointly collected ideas for further support options – possibilities to protect intellectual property and exploit results, funding options for subsequent projects and opportunities to find partners for the next moves. The lively discussion ended up with an exchange of contacts and information on upcoming partnering events.

“DIGI-B-CUBE project allows us to run pre-clinical trials and benchmark the performance of our low-cost medical device against vs. highly expensive competition products.”

“bioFAST AI applies supervised machine learning techniques to create a classification model that will analyse flow cytometry data. The innovation voucher awarded by DIGI-B-CUBE is a critical contribution to help speed up the development of this technology and bring it to market.”

“In the DIGI-B-CUBE project, we were able to link clinical imaging data and information about individual patient diagnosis and clinical history for improved prediction of the patient's future course. The collaboration between experts was key for integrating complex models of disease and treatments. The project work covered both the initial diagnosis and its support by AI algorithms, and the prediction of the individual patient trajectory and future events.”

“DIGI-B-CUBE acceleration will allow us to scale up fast and generate initial commercial traction that will serve to attract subsequent investment.”

“Thanks to this project, we have achieved an increased experience and expanded knowledge in the development of medical devices and product innovation for start-ups.”

“The impact of this innovation project has been the opportunity to validate their technology in a real case of use and obtaining a tangible technological demonstration to use it as a driver to attract other clients and investors.”

"Cognitive disorders are nowadays a relevant problem, and effective rehabilitation is the key to reduce the social and clinical impact of such pathologies. In this context, we designed and developed an artificial intelligence-based decision support system for the automatic generation and evaluation of rehabilitation plans for neurological patients with cognitive disorders. The experience in DIGI-B-CUBE had a positive impact on the partners' know-how, both as a team and individually."

"AI-PAD addresses a problem related to the medical diagnosis chain, targeting peripheral arterial disease (PAD), a disease with high prevalence, currently under-diagnosed and under-treated. A complete medical evaluation of PAD is based on computed tomography angiography (angio-CT). Interpreting an angio-CT is a complex medical examination, requiring good knowledge of anatomical variability among patients. AI-PAD aims at developing an intelligent software system addressed to general radiologists, interventional radiologists and vascular surgeons, able to provide complex and accurate diagnostic for PAD as well as recommendations, acting as a decision support system for preoperative planning."

IMAGO-MOL Cluster, a medical imaging cluster from Romania joined the DIGI-B-CUBE Ambassadors Network in April 2020. Since then, the cluster has been actively disseminating the news on DIGI-B-CUBE calls and webinars through the official website, social media channels and cluster's monthly newsletters.


In this newsletter we would like to share their testimonials: “Three companies and members of our cluster showed their great interest in applying for vouchers, participated in the last year's webinars with proposal pitches and applied for the call. SenticLab and Duk-Tech were successful with their proposal Artificial Intelligence Assisted Diagnosis for Peripheral Arterial Disease. On the first cut-off date of 2020, they were granted the Customised Solution Innovation Voucher. The cluster team disseminated the winning companies experience, including testimonials within December 2020 IMAGO-MOL newsletter edition to stimulate other companies to apply to this opportunity.”

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DIGI-B-CUBE project funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, aims to unlock the cross-sectoral collaborative potential of SMEs by combining novel digital technologies with the Bioimaging-Biosensing-Biobanking industries. The project will support development and delivery of new market sensitive disruptive technologies and key digital innovations to reconfigure patient-centred diagnostics towards a Heath Economy 4.0.




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