The summit of a 3-year journey – the Health Valley Event

The Health Valley Event took place between March 15th and March 17th 2022 at Pathé Nijmegen, in the Netherlands. It was also the Final Event of the DIGI-B-CUBE project and one of the last opportunities to have all of our beneficiaries and their unique, innovative solutions in medical diagnostics together in one place. On the website of the Health Valley Event, you can find all video recording of the DIGI-B-CUBE beneficiaries that presented their innovative solutions on stage in Nijmegen or online.


As the Final Event for the DIGI-B-CUBE project, the Health Valley Event was also the stage for a presentation about the project itself, reviewing the impact delivered over the course of 3 years, the activities that were rolled out collaboratively with 32 innovative projects that received funding in the form of Customised Solution Innovation Vouchers and Prototyping Vouchers and also to recap the memories we cherish – the networking events attended together, the webinars and workshops and the active communication with the beneficiaries to better understand how DIGI-B-CUBE could best help them take their innovations one step closer to their objectives. A short article about the Health Valley Event can be found in the News section of the DIGI-B-CUBE website.

We were delighted to receive heartfelt, powerful testimonials from the beneficiaries about the DIGI-B-CUBE programme as a whole or, more specifically, about how the Health Valley Event was an outstanding opportunity to further advance their innovations. You can find some of these testimonials below.

Thank you all involved so much for giving us the opportunity to attend the recent Health Valley Event in Nijmegen. It has been a valuable experience to talk to the resident life science companies and get a feel for the current trends. We are certainly looking forward to stay in touch with you and the other members of the DIGI-B-CUBE program and want to thank you for your exceptional support. Keep up the great work!


Siegfried Schwarz
KML Vision

Maciej Grajewski
SG Papertronics

The DIGI-B-CUBE programme allowed us to explore an applicability of a new biomarker for patients’ health control with inflammatory bowel disease, which would not have been possible otherwise. This unobvious path gave us promising results and helped us establish a great collaborative network. The active work by DIGI-B-CUBE on facilitating networking opportunities resulted in an excellent project experience and a lively network!


“With the DIGI-B-CUBE programme, we managed to improve our prototype with healthcare-grade sensor, making our product so much closer to market. It enabled us to hire our first employees, gaining significant traction and growing the team of directors and advisors. Thank you so much to the DIGI-B-CUBE for the continuous support. Let’s stay in touch!

Charles kindly recorded his testimonial for us – you can see the full version in the video below. We send our warmest regards to Charles and the team of StepUP Health in Denmark!

Charles H. Gayot,
Laurynas Zubavicius
StepUP Health


At the Health Valley Event, we also had the chance to talk to Joan Vieyra Galí from Loop Diagnostics and Sarina Maigoda from NORGANOID, who also received the surprise gift by the DIGI-B-CUBE team: printed versions of their Customised Solution Innovation Vouchers.


Joan Vieyra Galí

Loop Diagnostics

Sarina Maigoda

Nuno Afonso

Being at the Health Valley Event was an exceptional opportunity to get to know potential partners, exchange impressions and ideas with fellow start-up founders and engage in networking activities that would have otherwise not happened – for this, we especially thank the DIGI-B-CUBE project. FASTinov is now bringing to partners and clients in Europe a novel disruptive CE-marked solution to manage critical bacterial infections.


We were very well received at the Health Valley Event, which was an excellent opportunity to network with other companies and innovators. The experience with DIGI-B-CUBE as a whole was absolutely positive. We were able to develop our solution much faster and focus on its differentiating technical factors!


Thierry Bouët

Vitalii Vorkov

Thank you, DIGI-B-CUBE, for helping take our innovation from “1.0” to “2.0”! We were able to develop a cordless version of our device thanks to the Customised Solution Innovation Voucher, which helped us to further develop our innovation and secure partnerships.


Marco Filippi from Wego also sent the DIGI-B-CUBE team his regards from his hometown Bologna, in Italy.


We had a proof-of-concept of the technical solution, but we were lacking the resources to develop a prototype. Thanks to DIGI-B-CUBE funding, we were able to develop our app, which was a really big help for us!


Ákos Balint

Jovan Stevovic

Within the DIGI-B-CUBE programme we had the chance to help a company (ThinkBioSolutions) and its partners build a COVID-related solution and to ensure successful launch to the EU and US market. The collaboration helped us to further put in practice our expertise, achieve another success story, and expand our network of collaborations. We thank you for your outstanding support and for how you impacted our company.


The Health Valley Event was very cooperation-oriented, which I very much appreciated and it made the event all the more special being one of the first after COVID-19 restrictions. Another very positive aspect was the open discussion about ideas and innovations, along with the first matchmaking evening, which laid the groundwork for the long-lasting connections after the event.


Karl Õkva

Pasquale di Blasio
Integrated Systems Engineering

The DIGI-B-CUBE funding made it possible for us to design and begin the development of a prototype for our proof-of-concept. DIGI-B-CUBE had a very good organisation in the sense of accompanying and promoting our innovation. It also allowed us to participate in several networking opportunities, such as SLAS2022 in Boston. The priorities now are to get our innovation fully certified and bring it to the market by the end of the year.


An international mission to the United States – the SLAS2022
The SLAS2022 International Conference and Exhibition, hosted by the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening, took place in January 2022 and was another excellent opportunity for DIGI-B-CUBE beneficiaries to go on an international mission and present their innovations at a big international event to connect with other startup founders, experts from the field and potential investors. A total of 13 DIGI-B-CUBE beneficiaries received direct financial support in form of Travel Vouchers to attend this landmark conference in the United States.

Siegfried Schwarz
KML Vision

Thank you very much, DIGI-B-CUBE, for having us on the trip and giving us the opportunity to participate on this mission! We had the opportunity to meet some very promising industry contacts here in the United States.


Sophia E. Shanko

shared an insightful testimonial with us – live from Boston, Massachusetts

Koushik Kumar Nundy
Think Biosolution

also took the chance to share his thoughts on this opportunity with the DIGI-B-CUBE team:

Group video


Amid the busy and fruitful days in Boston, there was time for a short video to wave goodbye:

Halfway across the globe, in Dubai, DIGI-B-CUBE beneficiaries had the opportunity to attend the 2021 edition of Gulf Information Technology Exhibition 2021 – GITEX. The event took place from October 17th to October 21st 2021, and the DIGI-B-CUBE team was delighted to welcome four beneficiaries – AlteriaAutomation, FlexSight, PandaWhale and Pixelabs in Dubai. The event was a success, with the beneficiaries collecting invitations for acceleration programmes in the United Arab Emirates, 2 private investment processes initiated and 4 B2B collaborations agreed upon.

We asked Niel Vredeveldt from PandaWhale how the event was going for his startup:

We have assured to keep in touch and we made sure to do so immediately after the Health Valley Event in the Netherlands. Knowing how these innovation solutions will develop and the next milestones they will achieve is part of the essence of the project, even beyond its lifetime.

Just shortly after the Health Valley Event, we received excellent news from Omnigen, for example, and are delighted to share this milestone about their ambitious innovation:

We are very happy about the recent announcement of DIGI-B-CUBE beneficiary Omnigen who are now taking their first steps into the United States! The company is now officially a member and occupant of the Mansfield Bio-Incubator in Boston, Massachusetts, who specialise on creating, growing and consulting life science companies. Omnigen now seeks to mark their first physical presence in the US with a go-to-market of their oncological clinical diagnostic products and bioinformatics services. In the future, Omnigen hopes to expand their team to include US-based colleagues.

The potential of the innovative solutions that we met during the 3-year journey of DIGI-B-CUBE to change how medical diagnostics and IT interact for the benefit of health and society in general is unquestionable. We are certain that more of these good news about the beneficiaries’ innovations beyond project lifetime will follow and we will certainly stay connected with them on their exhilarating path.

Keeping this in mind, we look back on the group photo from March 17th, taken on the final day of the Health Valley Event, which captured a joyful moment between project partners and the beneficiaries, before bidding farewell and continuing their journey.

Approved projects – 1st call
Approved projects – 2nd call

About the project

DIGI-B-CUBE project, funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, aims to unlock the cross-sectoral collaborative potential of SMEs by combining novel digital technologies with the Bioimaging-Biosensing-Biobanking industries. The project will support development and delivery of new market sensitive disruptive technologies and key digital innovations to reconfigure patient-centred diagnostics towards a Heath Economy 4.0.





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