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Norway – EU project manager / coordinator Dr. Tamara Högler – –

Oslo Cancer Cluster (OCC) is a non-profit member organization dedicated to accelerate the development of innovative cancer treatments. OCC gathers more than 90 members incl.  start-ups, biotechs, university hospitals/academic centers, TTOs, global pharma companies, investors, biobanks and oncology CROs. They represent the entire oncology value chain, doing everything from exploratory research to selling therapeutics and diagnostics to global markets. The cluster’s growing pipeline is composed of preclinical and clinical stage assets primarily in immune oncology and precision medicine. The world class research environment in immunotherapy and the presence of unique IT-infrastructure and competence, strengthen the cluster’s position as a global knowledge and innovation centre. In 2007, OCC received the status as a Norwegian Centre of Expertise. Since August 2015, the Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park and Incubator offers an interactive growth environment for oncology R&D and host 35 tenants incl. academic groups, start-ups and global companies.

Cluster Partners

Germany – Tobias Neumann – –

The Cluster for Individualized Immune Intervention (Ci3) promotes the development of innovative immunotherapies and diagnostics for serious diseases with an unmet medical need. Its strong network of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, universities, and other research institutions is located in the Rhine-Main area, a region with one of Europe’s longest and most successful histories in pharmaceutical innovations. Through the clusters’ combined expertise and international collaborations, Ci3 is aiming to advance personalized medicine by breaking down innovation barriers and enabling disruptive technologies.
INFOPOLE Cluster TIC is the business cluster that brings together and unites professionals from Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in order to promote business and innovation through partnership in Wallonia region. Through its network of more than 130 members, INFOPOLE can help you find the ideal partner whatever your IT project.

Spain – Gawel Walczak – –

SECPHO represents more than 80 Spanish companies, research institutions and universities specialized in photonics and optics and aim to foster cross-sectorial collaboration for industrial and societal innovation. Our main technological domains are: scanning, sensing and imaging, data transmission, storage and networks, laser systems, advanced lighting, 3D printing, quantum technologies etc.

Austria – Carina Schachinger – –

Business Upper Austria is the Upper Austrian government’s location agency. Business Upper Austria is an innovation driver and the first contact partner for companies in Austria and abroad to whom we offer customised solutions for their investment and innovation projects by helping steer economic and research policy.

SME Partners

Germany – Jens Piesk – –

Nuromedia develops, produces and markets quality products, services and trend-setting media solutions and interactive rich-media content, focusing on reaching the public through a number of established media channels and social networks. Nuromedia bundles high design and software competence as well as know- how related to the market and communication.

Greece – Miltiadis Anastasiadis – manastasiadis@motivian.com

Motivan, established in 2005, is an innovative information and telecommunications systems integrator, constantly promoting emerging technologies in the ICT market.

Portugal – Daniela Coutinho – –

Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação ( is a private consulting company created in 1996 as an active center of national and international networks connected to the research and innovation sectors. SPI’s mission is the management of projects which foster innovation and promote international opportunities. In fulfilling its mission, SPI has created competences in several different areas which include: mapping of research and innovation systems, development of strategies and policy dialogue, dissemination, training and training needs assessment, and program and project evaluation provided through its permanent staff located in Portugal, Spain, Brussels, China and the United States.